Instructions to become web enabled:

When requested, you will be given a Username, Temporary Password and Website address at your office visit.

 After logging on, it will tell you the password is wrong and ask to send a “Reset Password”, to the email that you have provided at our office. Please check your email and follow the prompts.

 After choosing your own Password, you can login and view:

* Office Visits

* Labs

* Your Next Appointment

* Your Statement

* Referrals

* Medical/ Surgical History

* Allergies

**Some of these options may not be available or may require you to complete/ add to your profile. You can also print any information that you may need to take with you to another Doctor/ Specialist office visit. 

*** Please note that although there is an option to schedule an appointment online in your patient portal, we ask that you continue to call our office as we have not been given access to this, at this time.

Please click the link button at the top of the page labeled “Patient Portal”, to direct you to enter your login page. If you have any questions please contact our office at 817-523-5402.